Custom MapsAnarchy by Silent Aurora (silent aurora-anarchy)
Map name:   Anarchy  
Map ID:   silent aurora-anarchy
Votes:   142
Multiplayer matches started:   253 (since 12 June 2017)
Map preview:  
Map description:   Civil Security force have finally found the Zeta force base. CS are determined that they will become victorious and wipe out the base including the Zeta forces, will they succeed or will they fall down to the mercy of the Zeta force?

Thanks for Silent Phoenix for providing ideas and improvements!


-removed acid pit
-changed teams
-reduced player amount
Walkthrough Video:   -
Max Players:   12
Map Designer:   Silent Aurora 
Map Source:   Open source [ View in Level Editor ]
Instant demo link:   http://www.plazmaburst2.com/?s=2&map=silent aurora-anarchy



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