Custom Mapsinferno by Parkour Peter (parkour peter-inferno)
Map name:   inferno 
Map ID:   parkour peter-inferno
Votes:   50
Multiplayer matches started:   40 (since 12 June 2017)
Map preview:  
Map description:   Inspired by eric gurt-starport

-Each player has a pistol, alien rifle and two
lucky players who are fast enough can get a raygun

-Each player equipped with 2 grenades, 1 shieldnade and there are 5 portnades in the acid.

Map specialized for Coop and TDM
Walkthrough Video:   -
Max Players:   12
Map Designer:   Parkour Peter 
Map Source:   Closed
Instant demo link:   http://www.plazmaburst2.com/?s=2&map=parkour peter-inferno



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