Custom MapsUprising by ditzy (ditzy-uprise)
Map name:   Uprising 
Map ID:   ditzy-uprise
Votes:   36
Multiplayer matches started:   129
Map preview:  
Map description:   [ Map Description ]
A fault in the programming has caused on-site androids to malfunction, annihilating everything they come across. A special task force must destroy the androids and regain control of the facility.

Original concept by Venemous
Grav concept by flora-
Inspired by hikarikaze-ac

[ Map Specifications ]
Max Players: 8
Gamemode: Coop/TDM/DM

[ Weapons ]
x8 Heavy Railgun v04 CS-OneSOneK
x8 Crossfire CR-42 Ghost
x8 Defibrillator
Walkthrough Video:  
Max Players:   8
Map Designer:   ditzy 
Last update:   3 July 2018, 01:18 
Map Source:   Closed
Instant demo link:   http://www.plazmaburst2.com/?s=2&map=ditzy-uprise



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