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Nickname:   www.PlazmaBurst2.com  
Status:   PB2 Official Website
Campaign progress:   - unknown -  
Life slogan:  
Fight. Win. 
Birth date:   26 March 2011 (5 years)  
Website:   http://www.plazmaburst2.com/ 
USA, California  
PB2 Site Staff:  
PB2 Staff UnrealCrash
PB2 Site Administrator [Admin] Doomzerker
PB2 Site Administrator Tempus .:Administrator:.
PB2 Site Administrator [Admin] Kiriakos Gr96
PB2 Site Head Moderator Zerk Panzer One
PB2 Site Head Moderator ~H Moderator~ Garuda 1 Talisman {28th Fighter Squadron}
PB2 Site Head Moderator KazyH
PB2 Site Moderator Edge
PB2 Site Moderator [Community Moderator] Ilmarinen The Third
PB2 Site Moderator Envy
PB2 Site Moderator [Staff Punching Bag] Wasted Time (R)
PB2 Site Moderator tehswordninja (Staff)
PB2 Site Moderator Examqle
Approved Maps of PB2 :  
_.:*railwar*:._ by Civil_Boss

_.:*sniper2*:._ by Civil_Boss

<DeathMatch> by CreeperHunter55

Overkill by terror only

Warfire 4v4 by supertramp

:~CPF~: by CaptainSolo

Sidewinder by Spartan 138

[Multi] Real War by firetiger

Kneelfrox|Warfare by kneelfrox

[Arena war][COOP-TDM-DM] by KIRIAKOS GR96


[Railgun wars][COOP-TDM-DM] by KIRIAKOS GR96

[Core][COOP-TDM-DM] by Kiriakos Gr96

battlefront1 : training grounds by tentionmaru7

WHERE IS PB 2.5? by Silent Phoenix

WHERE IS PB 2.5? by Silent Phoenix

WHERE IS PB 2.5? by Silent Phoenix

WHERE IS PB 2.5? by Silent Phoenix

WHERE IS PB 2.5? by Silent Phoenix

WHERE IS PB 2.5? by Silent Phoenix

WHERE IS PB 2.5? by Silent Phoenix

WHERE IS PB 2.5? by Silent Phoenix

WHERE IS PB 2.5? by Monovalent

Death Match 5: Metropolis by jonb7

iSWiFT | Summit by iSWiFT

iSWiFT | Neutron by iswift

[MP] Rage of the Clintons by Roxxar

Trump Towers by XFrostByteX

[MP] Gaia by Roxxar

Sniperwar by Blade-

Headquarters by Max teabag

Raywars 1 [ID: rgn1] by Mirth

Secret Exit by Protonoid

Intact by Pixelbyte


Water Arena by prothean

Railfight II by Neutral

ORIGINAL Realwar (v1.0) by X Death

Blue vs Red - Bases by lee06400

[MP] Picross by Tatsuya

Before the Sun [MP] by Hikarikaze

Cavern by Stryde

Dynamic Map by Reject

Outcast by reject

Sniper battle. by reject

!Atrophy! by reject

Crisis by reject

Dabbin by Psykoz

[MP]Point Blank by Tatsuya

.:(Real War):. by tehswordninja

Extermination by PixelByte

Disconnected by Pixelbyte

Deserted by PixelByte

[⚝] Rember - by Terabrion

Level 42 for Multiplayer // Remix by Krutz

Resurrection [MP] by monkeyman2535

.:* Universal War V: Abridged Feud *:. by deadlytiger

.:* Railwars v1.0 *:. by deadlytiger

Flexxing by Psykoz

Sniprix by Ace Trinor

Level 1 for Multiplayer by Eric Gurt

Energy [MP] by silverteen11

ColdFront [MP] by silverteen11

Sajuni [MP] by silverteen11

Inverso [MP] by silverteen11

Shadows of Evil by Blade-

.: Space Chamber :. by dandamage

[] Sniper2 ~ by Terabrion

[COOP-DM] DM2 (2.21.15) by Kromrix

Rise by Silent Aurora

Chaos by Silent Aurora

Railwars3 by maxydude0

.:~SniperWars2~:. by Lagnar

[.:~sniper~:.]|1| by Grim Reaper I

Into the darkness by Eric Gurt

Keep by iDomino

Railwars by Blade-

Anarchy by Silent Aurora

.:Dead Air:. by White Rock Shooter

The Dead Call by Blade-

fightforthebase by Aslang

[☠] Sniper ~ by Terabrion

sniper by michaelhero

.: Sniper :. by x d

[☠] Railwars ~ by Terabrion

[⚝] Crime - by Terabrion

Instagib by Nexir

Modified by Blade-

Techwar by Blade-

Dead talks by Blade-

Odium by Krutz

dm0 Arena by Eric Gurt

Sniperwar by Henk_Hunter

|:|Echo|:| by Aryman9001

sniper(updated) by Parkour Peter

Exoteric by Earthling

Atomik by lpzimm

Lone Nights by Earthling

Facility by Earthling

War by mrblake213

Crazy :p by reject

Fallen v2 by reject

Fallen by reject

Hightower [MP] by mech1354

Claw by Eric Gurt

Level 12 for Multiplayer by Eric Gurt

Treasured Mines [MP] by silverteen11

Offblast: Second Offense [MP] by silverteen11

Chelsey [MP] by silverteen11

Ghostehz-adrenaline by Ghostehz

Rail Wars Reborn by plazmaburstcurious

audir8-ak47 by audir8

audir8-redlantern -:RED-EDITION:- by audir8

audir8-blackbattle by audir8

audir8-arena by audir8

audir8-mafiafight by audir8

audir8-mp1 by audir8

Nocturnal Well Fort [MP] by silverteen11

Sewers by Shenko

Solved [MP] by silverteen11

Dark Skies by XFrostByteX

Sector v2 by iJer

Sample map by Eric Gurt

project 21st by dmxed

Aground by reject

Pursuit of Happiness by reject

#Above by reject

Vertigo by mingo1

Rail Wars v4.0 by Eric Gurt

OffBlast [MP] by silverteen11

Sn1p3 Z0n3 |2| by maximum energy

Sniperwars by maximum energy

Ceil Down by Eric Gurt

RayRifle War by Alien security heavy

Citadel [MP] by skound

Relic [MP] by skound

Basements by Eric Gurt

WarFare by neelfrost

Raywars by Stryde

Sniperwars 4 by Stryde

Sniperwars 3 by Stryde

Sniperwars 2 by Stryde

Sniperwars by Stryde

Spacewars by Stryde

Arena by Stryde

Rise by Stryde

Facility by Stryde

Crash by Stryde

Zone by Stryde

Skypark by Max teabag

Spider traps by Eric Gurt

Rockets [MP] by AwakeAngel

Classic [MP] by silverteen11

Space War by reject

Detour by reject

Isolation [MP] by Mech1354

High Fight by Eric Gurt

Railwars Underground by Shenko

.::| DM |::. by DMARK

Ray Wars by mariosonicv

Protected by Eric Gurt

Fog of war by PixelVoxel

inferno by Parkour Peter

Deep in pit by Eric Gurt

horizon by Parkour Peter

Draft by Eric Gurt

Sniper arena by PixelVoxel

Own you 2 by PixelVoxel

Space Command (Beta) by Flame99999

Raywars (1.0) by Flame99999

Krow-Airburst by Krow

The Shortest Yard v2 by Eric Gurt

District 13 by Krow

Rail Wars v1.0 by Eric Gurt

Starport v1.0 by Eric Gurt

light by Parkour Peter

Arena by Max teabag

panem by branparada

Sniper Wars by Tikstar

Dead Simple by Eric Gurt

Zeta Elemination PB:FTP lvl 1 by Eric Gurt

Cahir-Armageddon by Cahir

Rail Wars v3.0 by Eric Gurt

4V4 Sniperwar by iJer

[All MP Modes] Final Argument by imiranda

Krow-Plazma_War by Krow

Zeta Elemination PB:FTP lvl 16 by Krow

Rail Wars v2.0 by Eric Gurt

dm1 - Rail Wars by Eric Gurt

Krow-Moshpit by Krow

Blue VS Red (by Rayhan) by Rayhan

Sniperwars by Max teabag

Ferocity by Max teabag

Techwar by Max teabag

R.V:T by Max teabag

Railwars by Max teabag

Highrise by Max teabag

Spacelab by Max teabag

Shooters by Invincitron

Cahir-Portal by Cahir

.:~ShotGun~:. by sphinxz

Sniper2.0 by mariosonicv

Krow-RayWars(old) by Krow

Battlefield 3 - towers by Spike Nitros

XnX-Railwars by xnx

Cahir-Area_51 by Cahir

BattleField by neelfrost

railwars_2 by Ph3x

Krow-Combat by Krow

Sniper Fight: Base(Cooperative) by 132

Blood Rampage by Invincitron

Sniping Area by Death Troop3r

Collision by iJer

.:X Guns:. by RI210

Level 7 For Multiplayer by Starz_2

pixelated by PixelVoxel

Assassins by Invincitron

Pistol Wars by iJer

Carrotized by iJer

Hidden by iJer

Port by iJer

Halo: Blood Gulch by XFrostByteX

Sn1p3 Z0n3 by XFrostByteX

::Lasertag Arena:: by XFrostByteX

Shotgun War Time 2 by jordanstrob2

Chernobyl by iJer

Raywars by Jerry The Carrot

Railwars v3.0 by pokeruz

Railwars by ms assassin

RayWars by Spike Nitros

Railwars V2.0 reborn!(updates:1) by 132

BOXA by givani

Black Hole by XxninjaxX

Cahir-Techmania by Cahir

epic by jibb

Shotgun War Time by jordanstrob2

Pistol Wars Red Vs Blue by jordanstrob2

Proxy Wars by XxninjaxX

.:Red vs Blue:. by XxninjaxX

Cahir-Superguns by Cahir

Cahir-RayWars by Cahir

Cahir-Sci_Fi by Cahir

Cahir-4_Teams by Cahir

Cahir-RocketWars by Cahir

Cahir-Half_Life by Cahir





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